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    Vielen Dank. Ich hatte den Beitrag ins Englische übersetzt und als ich zu einer Antwort kam, übersah ich die Tatsache, dass ich auf eine übersetzte Version des Beitrags antwortete. Ich entschuldige mich für meine schlechten Manieren. Ich bin nicht mehr so schnell wie früher! Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Good morning

    I was just researching some witness statements which I have had in my document collection for a few decades and I came across this post about the executions at Woeste Hoeve.

    I have eight contemporary witness statements which appear to have been taken in November 1945 by members of the British military. They are all signed and relate directly to the subject of this post. They include statements by Rauter's adjutant (Heissing), Rudolf Hoegel, Gudowius, Marberg, Jordan, Buchholz, Damaschk (execution squad) Adam Basel, Wilhelm Brinkmann, Wilhelm Fricke, Moecklinghof, Burmeister, Kubetzek, Arnold, Koehler, Klannovski (execution squad) and Kurt Gonschorek. It may be that you already have the information contained in these statements or you may have seen copies on file in one of the archives but , in case you haven't, I thought, as an historian myself, that I should mention them to you. They are all in German and I had translations made many years ago. I can no longer recall where I acquired these documents. Perhaps from one of the British investigating officers but they are definitely contemporary copies bearing the original signatures of those individuals who provided the statements. I am happy to share these documents with you if you would like copies. I have only joined your forum today to give you this information. For me the quickest way to get them to you would be for me to scan them and send by We Transfer so if you wish to do this just email me at [email='ian[at]'][/email] and let me have an email address to send them to. All best wishes. Ian