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    I am interested in WWII military history and conducting research on Anton Schuld. I do not currently know where he was born or resided. I possess a WWII SS dagger with his number 100990 stamped on the cross guard. I have a page from the 1937 SS Dienstaltersliste identifying SS number 100990 to Anton Schuld so I know it was owned by him. By the way, the 1937 Dienstaltersliste states his date birth was 14.3.1906 and rank at that time was Untersturmfuhrer.

    I am trying to locate photographs or any information that is available for Anton Schlud. I found your website from an internet search as the earlier post contained his name Anton Schuld and number 100900. Do you have any additional documents or information about Anton Schuld or anything specifically showing he served in the 33.SS Standarte?

    I will post a photograph of the dagger and the page of the Dienstaltersliste if I am able to figure out how to upload. Thanks.

    Ich lese den Namen des "SS-Sturmanns" als Schuld. Evtl. Anton Schuld, geb 14.03.1906, SS-Nummer 100990

    I reside in the United States and unfortunately am not fluent in German. I am conducting research on Anton Schuld, SS number 100990, born 14.03.1906, and found your website from a Google search. I found this quote and would appreciate further explanation what you are saying. It appears you are interpreting a document that Anton Schuld may have signed so can you identify which specific document you are referencing. If you have any additional information regarding Anton Schuld, I would sincerely appreciate your help. Thank you.