Some info about the so called "Istrian Landschutz".

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    I'm looking for some information about the so called Istrian "Landschutz" (i.e. Landeseigene selbstschutzverbände) which was formed and deployed in the Adriatic Coast Operational Zone (Operationszone Adriatisches Küstenland) and trained by the SS or the Ordnung-Polizei, in early 1944. The members of that unit weared red rhomboidal collar tabs and, on the left arm, they featured a shield with a "goat" (the Istrian coat of arms). I'll be very grateful if somebody would provide some soldier name, pictures of the members (better with uniform) and any other useful information, archive sources included.

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  • Hallo und Willkommen Ivan,

    über diese Verbände findet man das meiste auf italienisch, unter Milizia di difesa territoriale (MDT).

    Das 2. Regiment "Istrien" in Pola ging aus der 60. Legion hervor und umfasste 2 Bataillone / 6 Kompanien. Kommandeur des Regiments war Libero Sauro.



    Suche alles zur Lehrtruppe Fallingbostel und zum Einsatz des NSKK in der Ukraine 1941