SS LAH Wach Btl 1, Oder Front April 1945

  • Hello, to all!

    I have come across a possible organization for SS-Wachbataillon LAH 1

    Would this be the probable organization for the unit when it fought on the Oder Front 16 – 18 April 45?

    Would it be motorized or SPW? Any AFV attachments?


    SS-Wachbataillon LAH 1

    4.(mg) kp.

    5.(heavy) kp. (pak)(pioniere) (heavy mortars)

  • Hallo,

    hier geht es um die Ausrüstung des SS-Wachbataillons LAH 1 und dessen Einsatzort 16. – 18. April 1945.

    Ist die Einheit identisch mit dem SS-Wachbataillon 1 Berlin-Lichterfelde?



    Suche alles zur Lehrtruppe Fallingbostel und zum Einsatz des NSKK in der Ukraine 1941

  • Thilo - yes - it seems in the final days, this Wachbataillon was sent to the front in the 606. Inf Division sector (16 April), and by 18 April was in the 5. Jaeger division area near Alt Gaul ( p 210, Le Tissier "Zhukov on the Oder")

    Eumex - yes that is the unit - it seems several times during the war the unit was sent to the front and a new Wachbataillon was formed.

    I am going to guess that it was a motorized unit at this point, since SPW (and petrol) were in short supply.