Organization, SS Sicherheitspolizei Btl IV April 1945

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    Apologies for posting in English.

    I am looking for Gliederung information for SS Sicherheitspolizei Btl IV

    There were many Sipo Btl that were sent to the Oder Front in 1945.

    Were these organized on the 4 company battalion model (three line companies, one heavy) , or did they have a non-standard organization?

    SS-Sicher. (Pol.) Btl. IV, according to records was previously from Frankfurt / Oder.

    Ostensibly it was part of 606 Inf Div, but is marked on Le Tissier's maps as fighting with alongside 1. LAH Wach Btn at Alt Lewin 16 April.

    Any information on weapons and vehicles in the unit would be very helpful...



  • Hallo,

    hier wird nach der Gliederung, Ausrüstung und Einsatzorten des SS Sicherheitspolizei Bataillons IV gefragt.

    Lt. DRK war die Feldpostnummer 32676, fast alle Vermißtenorte sind mit April 1945 und Fürstenberg angegeben.



    Suche alles zur Lehrtruppe Fallingbostel und zum Einsatz des NSKK in der Ukraine 1941

  • Thanks, Thilo!


    Feldpost 32676

    (Mobilization-1.1.1940) 17th Minesearch Flotilla M 1708

    (30.7.1941-28.2.1942) deleted

    (8.9.1942- Command 143. Reserve Infantry Division

    then command 143. Reserve Division

    (8.9.1943-22.4 1944) 11.4.1944 deleted

    (25.11.1944 end of war) 21.3.1945 Stab u. 1st-4th Company IV.

    SS Police Battalion.

    That looks like it was a standard battalion organization with Stab, 1 - 3 Kp as line companies, and 4. Kp being the heavy company.