Gliederungen 4. and 5. Regiments of 1. Luftwaffen-Ausbildungs-Division.

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    This is my first post here.

    I am doing research on several units on the Oder front 16 – 19 April 45.

    I have gotten some basic information but finding organizational information is difficult. Any help would be really appreciated.

    My apologies in that I can understand German fairly well but cannot write it well – so I will use English.

    4. and 5. Regiments/ 1. Luftwaffen-Ausbildungs-Division. 

    Apparently, the Division consisted of 5 Regiments.  

    However, I have only seen battlefield positions or reports for the 4th and 5th Regiments deployed in the Neutribben area on the north flank of the 309. Berlin Division on 16 Apr.

    By 18 April, the remnants are in support of the 2nd and 3rd Bn of the 119. PzGr Regt of 25. Pz Gr Div at Kunersdorf.

    From what I can tell,

    4. Regiment was composed of four battalions (I – IV).

    5. Regiment was two Battalions (I, II).

    My questions are about these battalions. Does anyone know their gliederung organization?

    Were they three line companies and one heavy weapon company?

    Did they have any mortars or vehicles assigned?

    Or was there a non-standard organization?

    Again, thanks!

  • Thanks, Eumex!

    That info is the best information I could find on how many battalions were in 4. and 5. Regiments.…21&hilit=Wriezen#p1212021

    was another good link.

    The information from Durchbruch an der Oder - quoted in the letters seems to be the same as what I have from Le Tissier's "Zhukov at the Oder" about the battle for Kumersdorf.

    I am wondering how the battalions were organized. Hmmm.

    sidenote - I was stationed in Neu Ulm 1986 - 1988 I love Bayern!

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    ,,I was stationed in Neu Ulm 1986-1988 I Love Bayern":thumbsup:

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