My Father Waffen Ss

  • Hello, I'm new to this group and sorry but I don't speak or write German.
    My father was in the Luftwaffe 1387-18.Ln.Fu.Ers.Lg.N.r.8 from 1940-1944 then he joined the Waffen SS. SS Pi.A.u.E.B.1 6116 2nd Panzer Division Das Reich. He was captured in Belgium on 13th January, 1945 and then taken to Attichy Camp in France before arriving in England.
    Does anyone know where he might have been captured, on his prisoner record it says Bastogne, Belgium but I believe his division were further north?
    Also does anyone know what would have happened to his dog tags once captured.

    He died almost 40 years ago when he was 58, before I became interested, so no questions were asked. I have his war record from Wast which I received in 2002 this was the first we knew of him being in the Waffen SS. He had only told us about the Luftwaffe, now I'm older and am interested in all his war years.

    I hope some of you can help and I apologise again for only writing in English. Lucy