Crete 1941. The Battle for Heraklion

  • An extensive study on the Battle for Heraklion in Crete in 1941. Personal stories from Fallschirmjager, flight crews, Greeks and Allied troops. Then and now pictures, detailed maps, and many more. Dicovery of grave sites on the battlefield such as the exact location where the Blucher brothers were killed and details of the flight crews of Ju 52 seen crashing in the picture below

  • Hello. Yes it is my book. Very detailed about the Fallschirmjager and flight crews in the battle. 27 maps and 400 photos.

  • Do you know that you can help Germans? If you signal to Volksbund places where there are German soldier, they can have a proper burial, but also British: I think also British have missing.

  • Yes I know that. I mostly record in my book the casualties in certain places and incidents. The original gravesites that I have discovered on the battlefield do not contain human remains. The bodies have been transfered to Maleme cemetery.

  • Ok. I'll buy this book because local historians are very good for this kind of researches (especially for example planes crew etc.)

  • OK. I think that you are going to like it. Lots of information and research published for the first time.
    I'm looking forward for your comments and your feedback when you read it.