what rank are those uniforms?

  • What rank are those uniforms? What other information can you give from those photos?


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  • Thanks Gewehr41

    So he must have been a “Unteroffizier der Luftnachrichtentruppe (Unteroffizier)” means sergeant and “Wachtmeister bei der Flak-Artillerie (Feldwebel)” means Technical sergeant. Is that correct?

    Not sure if it is the same as in your picture it is yellow and green and on this page they are brown and red http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmac…t/Luftwaffe/Luftwaffe.htm

    We have been told he was a “Wachtmeister” does the “Unteroffizier” cover that title also?

  • No, Wachtmeister was a Feldwebel in other troops like Artillery and Cavalry so he was an Unteroffizier (Wachtmeister) of a Nachrichten Abteilung of Luftwaffe

  • Ok, I just thought he was Wachtmeister already in 1943 where the first 3 pictures if from, but the document saying he is Wachtmeister is written in mid 1944 and the last 2 pictures is from july 1944 and january 1945.

    I asked yesterday about the feldpost number in this thread and it looks like the unit have been many places, do you think his unit have been building new air force Battery light anti-aircraft departments, or just moved the batteries to where it was needed?