Military Operations Maximum?

  • Hi,

    The rules are quite clear about not meeting the required number of Military Operations in a turn, but do not say anything about a maximum.

    I have been discussing it with my girlfriend who thinks there is no max but I always assumed there was. My reasoning was/is as follows:

    Admittedly I haven't played that many games but Coups seem quite powerful compared to the other alternative uses of Operation Points. Maxing out at 5 Mil Ops limits Coups and seems like a balancing mechanism.

    Having a max of 5 Mil Ops also means that you have to be careful of the opposing player using war or other cards which bumps your total and also stops you from using multiple high Operation Point cards in one turn to easily take over controlled weak non-battleground countries.

    So, what is the official line? Military Operations capped at 5 or not?

    Please help.


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