Suche alle Infos über die 361.Inf.Div.

  • Hallo, ich bin neu in diesem Forum. Ich bin aus Polen. Ich entschuldige mich für mein nicht gutes Deutsch - Ich spreche ein wenig Deutsch, aber nicht so gut wie ich es möchte und ich benutze einen Google-Übersetzer. Ich erfuhr, dass mein Großvater 361. Infanterie Division Soldat war. Es gibt nicht viele Informationen im Internet über diese Abteilung. Wenn es keine Probleme verursacht, bitte sende mir Informationen über den Kampfweg dieser Formation und möglicherweise für Fotos. Vielen Dank im Voraus und viele Grüße.

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    Your "grossvater", I think, was a survivor of 361st Infanterie Division (on 22 July 1944 was in Brody Kessel and destroyed) and then on 17th september 1944 it was named "461. Volksgrenadier Div.". Later on 10th March 1945 at Amersfoort was absorbed by the 559th Volksgrenadier Division (after fought at Arnhem and Saar) and finally, as a member of 559. Volksgrenadier, your relative was captured by the US forces near Münsingen in April 1945.

    361. Infanterie-Division
    Grenadier-Regiment 951
    Grenadier-Regiment 952
    Grenadier-Regiment 953
    Artillerie-Regiment 361
    Divisions-Füsilier-Bataillon 361
    Divisionseinheiten 361 (Pionier, Nachrichten, Sanitaets etc.)

    If you have other informations, or a name or surname, I will try to help you (especially if you know his fate, for example captured or killed, missing, wounded etc.)


  • Thank you matteo00 , thank you for the information.
    Danke matteo00 für die Information.

    I have lived in Poland since my birth, since the 1970s I remember the times of Soviet domination, when families were hiding history if someone was in the German army during World War II.
    Ich lebe seit meiner Geburt in Polen, seit den siebziger Jahren erinnere ich mich an die Zeit der sowjetischen Herrschaft, als sich Familien versteckten, wenn jemand während des Zweiten Weltkriegs in der deutschen Armee war.

    Many Poles were taken to the German army from 1943. My grandfather never told me he was in the Wehrmacht. I only know that he returned to Poland in 1946 from England. My grandfather has been dead for almost 30 years.
    Viele Polen wurden ab 1943 in die deutsche Armee gebracht. Mein Großvater hat mir nie gesagt, dass er in der Wehrmacht war. Ich weiß nur, dass er 1946 aus England nach Polen zurückgekehrt ist. Mein Großvater ist seit fast 30 Jahren tot.

    A few days ago I got information about it, that my grandfather was in this 361. division.
    Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich Informationen darüber bekommen, dass mein Großvater in dieser 361. Abteilung war.

    I received information from the Institute of National Remembrance in Poland.
    Ich habe diese Information vom Institut für Nationales Gedenken in Polen erhalten.

    This information was included in the archival files of the Polish Communist Office of Public Security (UB) from 1948.
    Diese Information wurde in den Archivakten des polnischen kommunistischen Büros für öffentliche Sicherheit (UB) aus 1948 aufgenommen.

    That is why I am looking for information about this 361th division, I am interested in which battle trail my grandfather passed. But I will address this subject to the Werhmacht archive - I think WASt.
    Deshalb suche ich nach Informationen über diese 361. Division, ich bin daran interessiert, welchen Kampfpfad mein Großvater bestanden hat. Aber ich werde dieses Thema dem Werhmacht-Archiv widmen - ich denke WASt.

    That's why I thank you again for the information I have been given.
    I think it will be difficult to get some photos.

    Deshalb danke ich Ihnen nochmals für die Informationen, die mir gegeben wurden.
    Ich denke, es wird schwierig sein, ein paar Fotos zu bekommen.


  • I suggest to you to ask to WAST, but they will answer I think after one year or more, rarely in few months. I'm doing many researches to recover some Germans killed and the problem is the time. I think that your grandfather had problem with Communsits in Poland after the war, for his "German" past. About photos I don't know but he fought in operation Bagration, (in 1943 was in Denmark to be made from 86. ID), then moved in March 1944 near Brody-Ternopil, and remained in May there. In July there was the big Russian attack and at Wolnica-Lasowa-Soklowka was encircled and destroyed on 22th July. Perhaps he fleed or was wounded and brought away and in September was in Koeln-Wahn. In autumn was in Holland and in December in Northern Alsace (Operation Nordwind?) and in february in Heidelberg. Then was in Germany until 1945.
    Sorry if is an indiscreet question but do you have a photo of your relative in uniform during WW2?

  • Thank you for the interest in this topic.
    Of course, I will turn/ ask to WAST soon.
    It is true that my grandfather had problems with communists in Poland for many years.
    My grandfather's combat trail is very interesting to me.
    I want to know what he lived and where he was.
    I can understand now why he did not tell anyone.
    I am interested in history and indirectly confirmation from the Institute of National
    Remembrance , that my grandfather was in the Wehrmacht , confirmed my assumptions.
    I had previously assumed that he was sent to England in 1944 or 1945 by the Wehrmacht,
    and not by forced labor, as was said in the family.
    I am also interested in research carried out by you.
    Are you a German or Italian historian or do you work in a search organization / foundation ?
    I have photos with uniform from 1939, when my grandfather was in the Polish Army.
    Are you interested in uniforms and equipment from World War II of different armies?
    Do you think you can find a photo of my grandfather in the German army ?
    I have been studying German war photographs for years, sensing that maybe my
    grandfather was there and I found nothing, even though I saw thousands of

  • WAST will answer after one year (you will pay a fee of 8€ or 20€, if you want his completely career in Wehrmacht). No I'm not German, I am Italian.
    I am a member of an association but it not deals Eastern front, it is another story :) I never chated about that.
    I think he didn't talk much about WW2 for problems with communists or simply for combat stress. A man, brother of a family friends, and also a distant my relative who lives in USA suffred both of them of stress after fighting in Vietnam in 1960s. War is evil and many families lost someone in war, a my relative was shot by Germans. I have a passion for WW2 German Army but in generally WW1 and WW2. I can will try to find a photo of him with Wehrmacht uniform but it is difficult. About photos I'm searching also two soldiers but probably the few photos are on ebay but without their names. It is very sad about Czech or Polish people who fought in Wehrmacht. After the was many of them were unburied on battlefield and forgotten by their families. It happened in France in 1944-45 and Italy in 1943-45.

  • I asked you if you are German, because there was a chance , that you could personally
    know people , whose relatives were in division 361. And they can have
    photographs or diaries.
    I do not know if WAST has photographs of soldiers in the archive, but I will ask about it.
    I also browse photos on eBay, maybe someday I will find such a photograph.
    Of course, I can not ask you to look for photos that are important to me, because I
    understand that you have a lot of your activities.
    But thank you for your willingness to help.
    I was very interested in your activity.
    What kind of association?
    What is his purpose?
    Can I help you with anything?
    As for the search, I provide an interesting link :

    it is in Polish, but google translator can make it.
    This is a very interesting study, read all active, side links :

  • It deals with Southitaly, if you know history of Polish who fougth in Wehrmacht in 1943 in Italy you can help me