My grandpa.

  • Hi,

    found pic of my grandpa. Was wondering if you can help me in looking for information about it.
    it was taken in Ludwigshafen 1943 at basf factory. it looks like there might be some people from ig farben trial.
    Thank you for your time.


    Bild angehängt; so geht es nicht verloren; kkn

  • Hello JK,

    I understand you want some info about your grandpa his military career in World War II?

    A photo alone will likely not give the details you might be looking for.
    I suggest to provide the forum with some more details like maybe a Name, a Feldpostnumber (If your family still has possible letters left from that time) and maybe some other details known where he was stationed.

    Have you already asked for information on your grandpa at the WAST or other Archives in Germany?

    On the photo I see several different types of service, Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS and civilians (Probably from IG Farben?)



  • Hello Richard,

    thank you for suggestion to try WAST, i had no idea where to start. I already filled the wast application and i will wait what they are going to tell me.
    I will try to look for Feldpostnumber. Only things i know that grandpa was as a worker in aushwitz than worked at that ludwigshafen and than was wounded somewhere at latwian front, but every person in family remembers his stories a little bit differently so I am trying to figure out how it was. One more thing i know his father was at buchhammer lager as polish worker and after return he killed himself.

    are there any archives where I can look by my own and not wait until wast is going to reply?

    thank you for your time.


  • Hello Jan,

    I am not an expert on this but if I read it right, could it be possible that your grandfather was in the SS?
    There is at least one SS-man on the photo.
    It could be, in my humble opinion, that he was a guard and after that was transferred to the front in Latvia.

    It is gonna take a while (a year or more?) that you probably will get a reply from the Wast...
    In the meantime try to find numbers of units or a Feldpostnumber.
    Anything more will help.

    How is your German? Since this is a German speaking forum, it will give you likely more results for your questions.



  • [IMG:]Hi Richard,

    sorry I cant speak deutch, I am from Czech rep. I scanned the picture in better quality, and i got picture from his years in wermacht. On group photo he is second in top lane from left. He was only 17y at that time.
    He was only soldat no rank i think. I am already looking for feldpostnummer it has to be somewhere.
    His name was Josef Kurzok.

    Thank you so far, I will get back with the number.



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