German Special Unit (Besondere Deutsche Einheit)

  • "Marsch-Bataillone" were temporarily combined units to bring personnel replacement
    from behind to the front.

    "Alarm-Kompanien" were units assembled in critical situations merely from personnel
    that was not originally combat-ready (cooks, maintenance, clerks, signals a.s.o.).

    Rudolf (KINZINGER)

  • thanks well, there were for example in Italy 222. Marsch battalion./16. Panzer-Division and 1. Alarmkompanie Acqui (Gren.Regt 870) , Alarmeinheiten 1, Alarmeinheiten/Platzkommandantur Rieti/14. Armee, Alarmkompanie “Pauke“/Fallschirm-Panzer-Division “Hermann Göring" and Alarmkompanie “Vesuv“/Fallschirm-Panzer-Division “Hermann Göring“. The latter fought at Naples during the Four Days.