Help Newspaper 1950s!

  • can somebody help me? I'm try to find the Newspaper "Stern" Nr.38 (17th September 1950).
    kann jemand die Sterne Zeitung nummer 38 von 1950 (17. september 1950) finden?

  • Hi,

    Maybe this eBay-seller can provide issue 38/1950:…a2abf4:g:DNMAAOSwIC1Z0iy9

    Or you ask the publisher:



    *** Suche alles zum 22. SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment (10. SS-Panzerdivision "Frundsberg") und R.A.D. 2/214 Oedt. Wer hat Informationen zum Schützen-Regiment 69 (1941)? Wer hat Informationen zur Flugzeugführerschule Crailsheim (1943-45)? Danke! ***

  • Hi,

    you can get it by enter

    Stern Ausgabe 38 1950

    in www. May you have to pay a fee.




  • Hi Matteo,

    what are you looking for:
    just for one of the articles or the complete magazine?
    I think, they will just have copies of articles.

    The only way to find out, is, to ask them =) .

    So, just try.

    Greetings, Kordula

    Habe gefragt, ob er einzelne Artikel oder das ganze Heft sucht.
    Denke, daß im Archiv nur Artikel vorliegen.
    Er sollte einfach dort anfragen.

  • Thanks for your support. Well, I'm researching an article, on German soldiers who fought in WW2. I think that I will send an email to Die Stern. Have a new copy (a reproduction) is better but an original it's the same ;) .

    danke Matteo