Where to look for a "Secret Directive" ?

  • Hallo Zusammen,

    It is always useful to re-examine a document although We are sure that We don't have nothing to be learned.

    So, I set out to take another look at the administrative records that have occured throughout the prisoner of war's past of my grandfather.

    On the meldung n° 522 initiated on 24 october 1941 by the Stalag XVII-A (Kaisersteinbruch) administration, in the column "Bemerkungen" (Observations), it reads :

    1 t. O.K.H. Verfg. N° 24610 geh.
    vom 10.X.41 zum selbständig gemachten
    Kgf. Bau-u Arb. Batl 17 versetzt

    I think I managed to transcribe it, except "1 t." at the very beginning of the text.

    ... Oberkommando des Heeres Verfügung N° 24610 geheim (geheime ?)
    vom 10.X.41 zum selbständig gemachten
    Kriegsgefangenen Bau-u Arbeits-Bataillon 17 versetzt

    However I don't be able to translate the full text but I think I understood the quintessence.
    The Secret Directive of 10 october 1941 states the transfer of POWs to the BAB 17.

    Could you tell me if it would be possible to get my hands on that document? Who should I contact?

    Many thanks for your precious help.

    MfG, Stéphane

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