4. E SS Westland

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    I and some other family members have been researching for years about our uncle who was in German service. We have already quite a lot of (personal) information about him, but our 'sources' are running out. We already visited/contacted several archives in the Netherlands and Germany.

    Here some info

    4. E SS- Westland (4.Kompanie SS-Ersatz-Battalion Westland) - sadly no date of his entry
    21. 11.1942 Infanterie-Regiment 4 SS- Adolf Hitler
    18.(Pz.Jg.)/1. Pz.Gren.Rgt. LSSAH (18. Kompanie, 1. Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment, Panzer Grenadier Division)

    Killed in action 09-03-1943 at Ljubotyn (at Kharkov)

    I'm currently working on a timeline so I can get a better look about when and where he was. As you see we have a few dates, so much remains unclear. For example, we only know for sure is that he fought at Kharkov in 1943, but which other battles did he participate in?

    So, any information about these units between 1941 till 1943 are more than welcome. (documents, photos etc).

    Many thanks in advance,