HILFE -Ein Dorf in Belgien während der beiden Weltkriege: jede mögliche Hilfe geschätzt ---- A village in Belgium during both World Wars : any help appreciated

  • Hello everyone

    I am new here and I am looking for help to know and learn as much as possible about the occupation of my village by the Germans during the two World Wars

    I know nothing about the 1st World War and german military operations in my village

    About the second world war , i only know the 1st Friesen Bataillon fought in and around my village

    I would like to know as much as possible about the german battles in my village during both wars

    Looking for any documents , names , military papers , pictures ...anything about my village . Who can help with any additional informations , linls to german official archives , urls etc ? Am really a beginner in that matter and know nothing about the way to get answers to my search in Germany or on this site so i am apologising to you if i am doing this all wrong

    The village name is LESVES ( 20km von Namur )

    I do thank you for the good care and attention brought to my search and questions

    Mark :)


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  • Hallo, alle miteinander

    Ich bin neu hier und suche Hilfe, um so viel wie möglich über die Besetzung meines Dorfes durch die Deutschen während der beiden Weltkriege zu erfahren und zu lernen

    Ich weiß nichts über den 1. Weltkrieg und deutsche militärische Operationen in meinem Dorf

    Über den Zweiten Weltkrieg weiß ich nur, dass der 1. Friesen Bataillon in und um mein Dorf gekämpft hat

    Ich möchte so viel wie möglich über die deutschen Schlachten in meinem Dorf während der beiden Kriege wissen

    Auf der Suche nach Dokumenten, Namen, Militärpapieren, Bildern ... alles über mein Dorf. Wer kann mit zusätzlichen Informationen, linls zu deutschen offiziellen Archiven, URLs etc. helfen? Bin wirklich ein Anfänger in dieser Angelegenheit und weiß nichts über den Weg, um Antworten auf meine Suche in Deutschland oder auf dieser Seite zu bekommen, so dass ich mich bei Ihnen entschuldige, wenn ich das alles falsch mache

    Der Ortsname ist LESVES (20km von Namur)

    Ich danke Ihnen für die gute Pflege und Aufmerksamkeit auf meine Suche und Fragen gebracht


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  • Hallo

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    Die Unterstützung in Deutschland ist ueberhaupt nicht gut , , es ist eine bittere Tatsache.

    Ich suche eine echte deutsche Support-Gruppe auf diesen militärischen Themen.

    Gibt es wirklich aktiven deutschen Webseiten? danke



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  • Hi Mark
    Sorry if i wrote so few things but when i was writing a big description of ww1 Lesves battle my computer turned off. sorry i will write these things in a summary.
    Lesves was defended by french infantry 48th, 127th and 136th Regiments and 10th Belgian Regiment against 1st and 2nd Garde Division of Garde Korps.
    1.Garde Regiment zu Fuß attacked under 75mm guns fire on 23th August with 1st Husaren Regiment and French had 80 KIA while Germans had ca.500 killed and 2500 wounded (this tactic was used during the battle of Marne, shooting with guns on infantry in open fields).
    At midday of 23th arrived many reinformcements of both Armies, but Germans attacked many times.
    Lesves was conquerd by Germans of 1st battalion of 1st Garde Rgt. in the evening of 23th August, as St.Gerard (French were in the wood north this town).

    After the battle, Lesves was a rear place and was evacuated by Germans at the beginning of November 1918.


    In May 1940 Wehrmacht and SS troops attacked France and Belgium, while Italians entered in war on 10th june and fought on the Alps.
    On 12th May began the attack against Namur and Lesves was conquered without a fight (on 9th June Infanterie Regiment 322 passed near Lesves and Namur thoward Paris).

    The city was liberated in the first days of September 1944 (in August there were some planes attacks) by 1st US Army troops and Germans of Pz.Gren.Rgt.60 (116.Pz.Div. defended Namur sector) retreated and in the Namur sector there where also 9. SS-Panzer-Division Hohenstaufen elements.
    In Namur and nearly towns (as Lesves), in december 1944, arrived british troops of 30th British army corps, which counterattacked Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.
    The Germans arrived at Wellin with 2nd panzer division; this was the maximum adavance 57km south Lesves.
    French tank destroyed in Mettet (south-west Lesves) May 1940
    Germans on the Meuse in May 1940 near Dinant

    I hope to help you, best regards from Italy, Matteo.

  • Hello Matteo

    Sorry for lhe late reply , i only read it today , never saw it before .

    I thank you for the kind answer to this thread , i already know the story about the french army in the village ( in both wars, the french army was awfully useless )

    My main concern is finding german archives about german intervention and occupation of the village duing both wars , obvisouly it seems impossible getting answers and help here on this particular matter or subject

    That s the way it is


    I appreciated alot


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