Sgt. Paul Ernst Kaess in Batterie Sturm-Artillerie-Abteilung 190

  • My Grandfather Paul Ernst Kaess (1921-2002) served in the German Army in WWII. Paul Ernst Kaess military record from the German Army in WWII was obtained from Deutsche Dienstelle Berlin in Feb 2017 by Brian Paul Kaess, his Grandson.
    Paul’s entry date for the German Army was June 17 1940. He attended Field Artillery training in Batterie schwere Artillerie-Ersatz-Abteilung 61 in Pilsen (June 1940) and Schwabish Gmund (Sept 1940). He also trained with Batterie Artillerie-Lehr-Regiment Juteborg in Sept 1940. He was assigned to Batterie Sturm-Artillerie-Abteilung 190 from Oct 1 1940 to Feb 4 1944. He also served in Sturmgeschutz-Brigade 190 from Jan 14 1944. From Feb 24 1944 to his discharge (his discharge date is unknown), he served in Genesendenbatterie Sturmgeschutz-Erzatz- und Ausbildungs-Abteilung 200 in Schweinfurt.

    Paul was in the hospital three times:
    1) June 22 1942 in Kreigslazarett 2/610 Simferopol
    2) Jan 30 1944 to Feb 9 1944 in Reservelazarett I Warschau, C1, Salzstrasse
    3) Feb 2 1944 in Reservelazarett III Hannover, Abteilung Clementinenhaus
    Von Reservelazarett I Warshau.

    Paul Ernst Kaess was promoted to Gefreiter (Corporal) in June 22 1942 and promoted to Unteroffizier (Seargent) on Jan 30 1944. His final Discharge date is unknown but is believed to be around late 1944-45.
    Brian Paul Kaess

  • Per family accounts, Paul Ernst Kaess served in France?, Russia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Rumania, Lithuania, and perhaps Poland. It is possible Paul served in France during the Vichy period, after the '40 Campaign for France had ended. Paul stated he had a French girlfriend in occupied France. It is known he married a Silesian girl in 1944, his 1st wife Dorothea Dorschke (1922-1951), aka 'Doris.' His 2nd wife was Hildegard Louise Golz (1924-2004).

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  • Below is the Order of Battle for Sgt. Paul Ernst Kaess' unit:

    Sturmartillerie-Abteilung 190Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 190 (Feb 41)
    leichte Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 190 (Apr 43)
    leichte-Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 190 (Jan 44)

    Oct 40 - formed at Jüterbog with three batteries
    Nov 40 - declared ready for combat
    Nov 40 - transferred to Lure, France
    Jan 41 - arrived in Balaci, Romania
    Apr 41 - XXX Corps, 12th Army, the Balkans
    Apr/May 41 - participated in the invasion of Greece
    15 May 41 ordered from Athens to Romania
    Jun 41 - arrived in Bucharest, Romania
    Jun 41 - 11th Army Reserves, Army Group South (less 1./ XI Corps, 11st Army)
    Jul/Aug 41 - assigned to IX Corps, 11st Army, Army Group South
    Jul 41 - XI Corps, 11th Army, Army Group South (less 1./ assigned to XXX Corps)
    Sep 41 - XXX Corps, 11th Army, Army Group South (later LIV Corps, 11th Army, Army Group South, less one battery assigned to XXX Corps)
    Oct 41 - LIV Corps, 11th Army, Army Group South
    Apr 42 - assigned to XXX Corps, 11st Army, Army Group South
    Apr/May 42 - 6 long-barreled StuGs received and participated in the attack on Kertch
    Jun 42 - LIV Corps, 11th Army, Army Group South, conquest of Sevastopol (6 StuGs with L/43 guns)
    Jul 42 - refitting in the Yalta area; transferred to the Kursk area and assigned to 2nd Army
    Aug 42 - 14 long-barreled StuGs arrive
    Sep 42 - 12 more long-barreled StuGs arrive; 27 StuGs operational
    Jan 43 - refitting in Treuenbrietzen, reorganized with each batterie having a section of StuH 42s
    Mar 43 - 3./ attached to 168th Infantry Division, Corps Raus z.b.V., with one StuG
    Jun 43 - returned to the East, Army Group Center reserve (22 StuG III and 9 StuH 42 operational)
    Jul 43 - reached Karachev and assigned to 4th Army, Army Group Center
    Sep 43 - XXVII Corps, 4th Army, Army Group Center
    Nov 43 - transferred to the Vitebsk-Nevel area under 3rd Panzer Army
    Feb 44 - transferred to the Kovel area
    May 44 - transferred to the Mogilev area, 4th Army, Army Group Center
    Sep 44 - XX Corps, 2nd Army, Army Group Center
    Oct 44 - XXIII Corps, 2nd Army, Army Group Center
    Nov 44 - ordered to the rear for refitting
    Jan 45 -ordered back to the front near Danzig under the Second Army

    No longer have paper copy of service record in possesion. What has been mentioned is a faithful translation/copy.

  • Paul Ernst Kaess may have been awarded the Crimea Shield for his actions during the Sevastopol campaign. Over 250,000 German soldiers (including German 11th army) were awarded this shield for the conquest of Sevastopol.

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