Demjansk-Staraya Russa

  • Good evening,friends!I'm from Russia.Live in Demyansk battle of the encircled troops.Many places have seen,was there in person.It would be interesting to know who has what information? Can maps,outline any who have?If the wrong section of the forum or there are spelling mistakes I apologize!Thanks in advance! :)

  • Hallo DemjanskDigger,

    you are welcom. First I will try to translate your initial entry.

    DemjanskDigger schreibt:

    Guten Abend Freude! Ich bin aus Rußland. Lebe in Demjansk, (dort wo die) Schlacht der eingekesselten Truppen (war). Ich habe viele Plätze gesehen, war persönlich dort. Ich interessiert darum zu wissen wer welche Informationen hat. Im nächsten Satz wird sinngemäß nach Kartenmaterial gefragt.
    Falls mein Beitrag in einer falschen Sektion erscheint oder Rechtschreibfehler enthält bittet ich um Entschuldigung. Danke im Voraus.


    you ask in a very generale manner for information.I think you should be more specific, for what place you like to have more Information, for what time, what Kind of maps you are searching for.

    And at last let me ask you flattly: are you using spade and shovel for your historical reaserche?



    Du fragst in einer sehr allgemeinen Form nach Informationen. Ich meine Du solltest spezifischer vorgehen, welche Orte, für welche Zeit und welche Karten suchst Du.
    Und zum Schluss frage ich direkt: benutzt Du für Deine geschichtliche Forschung Spaten und Schaufel?

    Best regards


  • I understand you mean do I excavation or not?Yes,I do.Over many years of research, our efforts raised both Soviet and German soldiers.About the German soldiers I'll say that personally we don't throw the oil from the excavations,and pass them to a person designated so to speak,which deals with the children of the people's Union of Germany.Frankly,there are many such in our land,which spreads the oil of the dead as German soldiers and Soviet.Excavated burial(beds) as we call it.Actually a lot of work,and the work these guys do,not our government.One search watch in the area of Staraya Russa,one search party 14 days is about 200 Soviet and about a dozen(I take the average) fighters,and comes to us more than fifty groups from all over the country.With respect,Sergey!