[HELP] Research about my grandfather

  • Hi,

    my grandfather Has been enrolled in Wehrmacht during WW2 before Wehrmacht He Make an enroll in RAD

    APRIL 15 1942 and SEPTEMBER 25 1942 at LAUMPHEIM Near ULM for Airport and MUNCHEN-FORSTENRIED Construction for Flak

    If you have any kind of information, documentation, pictures, object or other about this date mentionned and localisation please tchek me !!!

    Do not hesitate to ask your friends.

    Peace & Respect from France

  • Hi,

    Small, but maybe important correction: It's Laupheim (near Ulm). The airfield is still in use.

    Wikipedia entry (German): click!



    *** Suche alles zum 22. SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment (10. SS-Panzerdivision "Frundsberg") und R.A.D. 2/214 Oedt. Wer hat Informationen zum Schützen-Regiment 69 (1941)? Wer hat Informationen zur Flugzeugführerschule Crailsheim (1943-45)? Danke! ***

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