Research about my oncle Obergrenadier Emile Glaizal born the 13/01/1924 in France - engaged in June 1944 - Charlemagne Division (57 Regiment?)

  • Hello, I search all information on my uncle Emile Glaizal French born January 13, 1924 in Ardèche France, engaged in June 1944 just before the liberation of Paris, certainly in the Charlemagne Division (57 Regiment ?)
    He was declared missing under the 10 years since the end of the war, no news of him after his departure to the front 17 February 1945, which seems to fit the Pomeranian front.
    his assignment: 44 Panzer Grenadier Emile Glaizal SP 74622, 7 Französiche Sturmbrigade - Meweklau Post Teinitz Sassau, Böhmen und Mähren (11B);
    then 44 Obergrenadier Emile Glaizal Felpost Fg 35668 and at last 44 Obergrenadier Emile Glaizal Feldpost 59924 in Kracow.
    All Informations founded on the agenda of my father Jean Glaizal during his years at the STO in Kapfenberg Austria, who exchanged letters with his brother Emile Glaizal June 1944 to February 1945.
    I recently contacted the WHast. But anyone could give me any information will be greatly thanked.

  • Hello,
    Have you received some information froim the Whast ?
    By the way, as I was a children, we had a summerhouse in the north of ardeche, and an old herdsman, very poor, living like hundred years ago was called glaizal..