SS Rottenfuhrer Gunther Ohletz

  • hi to all
    im looking for information and pictures of SS Rotten Fuhrer Gunther Ohletz, can anyone help me getting the info for my book im writing ?

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  • Hallo Frank,

    herzlich willkommen im Forum.

    Kennst du diesen Eintrag beim Volksbund?

    Nachname: Ohletz
    Vorname: Günter
    Dienstgrad: Rottenführer
    Geburtsdatum: 26.04.1924
    Geburtsort: Oberhausen
    Todesdatum: 07.10.1944
    Todesort:Seine Dep.

    Günter Ohletz ruht auf der Kriegsgräberstätte in Solers.

    Endgrablage: Block 1 Reihe 4 Grab 131

    Ist das der Gesuchte?

    Gruß Roland

    Als ich hätte fragen sollen, war ich zu jung.
    Als ich hätte fragen wollen, waren Sie zu alt.

  • Vielen Dank Roland

    Ich habe alle kriegerischen Gericht-Papiere, wenn er als Spion in Frankreich verurteilt wurde aber ich kann nicht finden, keine Bilder von ihm in Uniform, das Buch geht über die Schlacht Feld Gericht und Versuche an allen Fronten, USA, Deutsch, Polnisch, Russland, etc.

  • Hi Frank,

    please keep writing in English, as these Google translations are horrible. :rolleyes:

    For instance, I am not really sure what your book is exactly about... Feldgericht okay, but further...

    Regards, Oliver.

    Suche alles über die 12. SS-Panzerdivision "Hitlerjugend".

  • the book where i work on is about all the things that happend on all sites of the war , like Ohletz was hanged because he was convicted as a spy , not only German soldiers ,also this happend with Us soldiers ,most of the time black soldiers as they deserted there company looking for some girls to have some pleasure, also battle field commissions that court martial soldiers of there own but also others .
    the trials during the war and after will also be a part of the book. im working with a US writer from Texas who askt me to help her on the field investigation. because there is a good example with Ohletz and some others as the Greif commando , but of Ohletz there are no pictures at all .
    we wanted to put a face on the name .
    i have all the paperwork of his trial and also his last words wich were " i would like to thank the chaplain and i was not a spy "
    thats why i felt the go for writing my own book about these things during WW2