Wehrmacht in the Cap-Bon (Tunisia 1943)

  • Salut tout le monde,

    Je ne sais si j'ai ouvert ce sujet dans la bonne rubrique! désolé, je ne maitrise pas l'allemand, je vais m'exprimer en français et anglais.

    En fait, je fais une petite recherche sur le passage des forces allemandes en Tunisie entre 1942 et 1943 et exactement au cap-bon ( nord-est) malheureusement, la documentation en français n est pas riche sur ce sujet, donc, ça me fera énormément plaisir d'avoir des documents, journal, cartes, photos...

    [Blocked Image: http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/2182/tunisia.jpg]

    Merci :)

  • I am looking for documents about the passage of German forces in Tunisia between 1942 and 1943 and exactly the cap bon (north east)Unfortunately, documents in french is not rich, I hope find something here (documents, newspaper, maps, photos, journal) ... it will give me great pleasure.

    thanks :)

  • Hallo!

    War vor 40 Jahren selbst vor Ort, kann aber nicht nachvollziehen, was der Themenstarter eigentlich wissen möchte?



  • Hallo :)

    Ich suche Unterlagen (Foto, Karte, Archive ...) zwischen 1942 und 1943, als die deutsche Armee zu bewegen Kap-bon

    [Blocked Image: http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/1413/sanstitreip.jpg]
    foto 1

    wir sagen, dass es gibt einen Hafen der deutschen Armee in Kelibia (foto2)

    [Blocked Image: http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/2012/sanstitre2bs.jpg]

    aber es gibt kein Dokument, es zu beweisen und kennen die genauen Standorte

    sorry, ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch.

  • Quote

    Original von Mala Kurt
    aber es gibt kein Dokument, es zu beweisen und kennen die genauen Standorte

    sorry, ich spreche nicht gut Deutsch.

    hello Mala Kurt,

    it seems Kelibia was interesting in the last few days of the German Tunisian campaign,only.
    I found a few hints for Kelibia for the first days in May 1943 in the diary of "Mar.Kdo. Tunis".


    hallo Mala Kurt,

    es scheint,Kelibia war nur in den letzten paar Tagen des deutschen Feldzuges in Tunesien interessant.
    Ich fand ein paar Hinweise für die ersten Tage im Mai 1943 im KTB des "Mar.Kdo. Tunis".



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  • Danke Freunde

    In der Tat, nach meinem Wissen haben die Deutschen durch die kap-bon nach der Niederlage im Süden und Nordwesten fort

    Während der Operation Pedestal, die Mittelmeer, der deutschen Armee und der italienischen Armee griffen die britischen Schiffe, und in Sardinien Sizilien, und auch Kelibia,

    [Blocked Image: http://img178.imageshack.us/img178/1744/pedestal.jpg]

    Viele Boote wurden zerstört, nach dem Angriff

    [Blocked Image: http://img268.imageshack.us/im…peditionmanchesterblo.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: http://img710.imageshack.us/im…peditionmanchesterblo.jpg]

    [Blocked Image: http://img704.imageshack.us/im…peditionmanchesterblo.jpg]

    das Problem, es gibt keine Dokumentation über die deutsche Armee in Kelibia

    das ist, was ich auf Wikipedia gefunden in englischer Sprache

    12 Aout
    "...Most of the convoy got safely as far as Kelibia[g], though some were damaged, by early morning."

    13 Aout
    "...The long line of merchant ships and the reduced number of escort ships provided easy opportunities for attacks by the torpedo-boats which were lying in wait off Kelibia."


  • Hallo Mala Kurt,

    in this time "13 Aout"= "13.August" 1942 were definitly no German troops in Kelibia.

    The German "E-Booats" (S-Boote) were "S-30", "S-58", "S-59" and "S-36" from "3. S-Boot-Flottille" which are a part of the attack-force on August 13. They came from Porto Empedocle (Italy) and Mersah Matruk (Libya).
    There were also Italian MTB´s and U-boats.


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  • Hallo Mala Kurt,

    maybe interesting for your search for the Harbour of Kelibia is the map, see attachement.

    You can find the map here,too:

    The Cap Bone-area was out of interest for the German operations untill the last weeks of the battle in Tunisia.
    After the "Operation Torch" in November 1942 the German operations were in the west and south direction.
    The Tunisian east-coast was mostly under Italian command and there were only a few guns as coastal-defense.

    The smaller harbours like Kelibia were used for small supply ships like fishtrawler and sailling ships.
    There were some German minesweeper of the "7.Sicherungs-Division","Siebel-ferries" and "Marinefährprahm (MFP)" (German Landing Craft) only.

    In the last days (around May 8.1943) were some German troops around Kelibia which tried to escape.
    In Kelibia should be one mobile FuMG station (Radar) and two 20mm Flak.



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  • Hello friend, thank you for your answers :)

    in August 1942, Tunisa was neutral, the lighthouse was used by German and Italian army to attack the British ships
    So, during Operation pedetal , they have gone through Kelibia!


    Passing through minefields off the Cap Bon peninsular of nominally neutral Tunisia at around midnight, the convoy was attacked off Kelibia by mainly Italian and a few German torpedo-boats. The extended lines of ships and the reduced number of escorts provided many opportunities for them. They were aided by the Kelibia lighthouse, by whose light the convoy’s ships were either illuminated or silhouetted.


    Kelibia Light - This was a lighthouse on the Tunisian coast. As Tunisia was neutral the lighthouse was kept running, casting a powerful light out to
    sea & illuminating the darkened allied ships giving axis boats a clear target. This was known as an E boat area & stretched from Kelibia on the Tunisian coast to the
    Italian held island of Pantelleria

  • This is what I am looking for! by the way, In The Last Days (May 1943) the Germans did they escape to Italy through the sea ? or they were captured by the British ?

    In de laatste dagen (mei 1943) de Duitsers hebben ze ontsnappen naar Italië via de zee? of ze waren gevangen genomen door de Britten?

  • Hallo Mala Kurt,

    a few hundret could escape in small boats in the nights.
    They arrived Sicily on May 11.1943.

    Mostly this were man with special training like the man of the German Radar and signal units and from the technical service.

    The german tried also to take men on the E-Boats of the 3. and 5. "S-Boot-Flottille" but the weather was to bad.



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