SS/SD Police units Danzig area 1945

      SS/SD Police units Danzig area 1945


      I would be extremely grateful if someone could assist me with the following queries.

      I have a small piece of paper dated 30.3.45, from Feldlazarett 134 (Az 50 ?) Feldpostnummer 43 697, informing an SS unit of the death of one of their SS men. The man in question is SS-Mann Adam MARKULAK, born 27.4.07 in Daviden, Buchenland. He joined SS-Wacheinheit Lebrechtsdorf in Oct 44. He signed out a MPi on 21.3.45 and died in Feldlazarett 134 2 days later at 1810 on 23.3.45. I would therefore like to know;

      Where was Feldlazarett 134 located at this time?

      Would Markulak have been seconded to a specific SS/SD unit or kampfgruppe?

      Were there any major battle or skirmishes around this area between 21 and 23.3.45 and who with (partisans or advancing Red Army), which could possibly have led to him being killed?

      Any info at all on SS-Wacheinheit Lebrechtsdorf?

      The paper was located in his soldbuch which pictures Markulak in an SD uniform. The picture in his book is stamped 'Der Chef der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD, Umwandererzentralstelle Danzig, Dienststelle Lebrechtsdorf'.

      Please help.


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