how to disassociate units from an army

      how to disassociate units from an army


      I've got two armies already, and I want to create a third. Say I've gone to the building for both of the existing armies and requested a bunch of different units, looking for the output of every factory or cruiser factory already designated for one of the two existing armies.

      How do I get a free unit (plus a free T2 + unit) that is not already assigned to an army?

      The problem is that when I click on any member of the army, it selects the entire army. I can not then create a new army from the unit or units that I clicked on.

      So the best way I've found is to disband the army, select some members of the now-former army, create a new army from them, then go back and round up all the remaining members of the old army and recreate that old army. That has many problems, of course, because of what the old army is out of a wide area? How do I easily, and quickly find all the old members of that army? What if the old army was right next to another existing army, as did trying to select the old army units by dragging my mouse so will select the other army?

      Please help.


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