Reward offered for location identification

      Reward offered for location identification

      Hi Guys

      We are hoping you can help in identifying the location of an image of the Panther currently being restored by The Wheatcroft Collection. While we already have three images of a second location in Briouze, this new image has topography which is very different. While the two Briouze side view images were all taken after March 1945 (rear image is undated), the new image was release by the US Censor in October 1944.

      The first person to pin down the location of the image will get EU€100 and copies of our Tiger and Panther books. Be warned - this offer is also up on our Facebook page so there is competition!

      Unit ID and movements - Here is what we have so far courtesy of Frédéric Deprun who kindly gave his permission to share this information:

      The I02 turret number is a Stab vehicle of the I Abt of Pz Rgt 3. It was renumbered 231 and assigned to 2.Kompanie before the Mortain battle (2.Panzer-Division) Kompanie - Offizer Leutnant Strobl or Leutnant Spannocchi after the death of Hauptman Kleine. The reason of the white number it certainly a connection to I./Pz-Rgt.24 ( Major Meyer, 116.PzD). Just before the attack at Mesnil-Adelée on the 7 august 1944, Luettich operation near Mortain, one Kampfgruppe (KG Meyer into the KG Schake) was created with 20 Panther from 116.PzD ( white number at side of the turret) attached to 2.PzD, the Briouze Panther was probably donated temporarily to Major Kuno Meyer Kampfgruppe, this befehlpanther was able to command one of the three Panther-zug during the attack. Each ones Panther returns to it original Panzer-Regiment the 12 august.

      Many thanks
      Brian Balkwill
      The Research Squad

      Unknown Location - Library of Congress image

      Known Location - Briouze

      Mission Accomplished!

      The location of the Panther image from the Library of Congress has been identified by author and researcher David E. Brown. We and the Wheatcroft Collection are immensely grateful to David and his reward is on its way. We are now coordinating with local historians and researchers to add as much info as possible to this period of the vehicles history.
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