Arbeitzkommando Italy

      Arbeitzkommando Italy

      I am conducting genealogy research on my father, a Polish citizen, and his movements during the World War II. I have some details provided by the British Military which include a Prisoner of War Document which states that my father was arrested by the German army in Wilno, Poland in 1942 he was deported into forced labour (I believe in ship yards of Klipedia).

      He was then conscripted into the German Army where he was an Arbeitskommando with OT Speer, before being captured by the Allied Forces on 17 September 1944 in (or around) Florence, Italy.

      If anybody has any information that could identify more about his activities I would be very grateful - i have contacted the german authorities at Deutsche Dienststelle, but they have no record of him.

      Thank you in anticipation of your assistance.

      Dennis Hajdukiewicz