Help with a photo

      Help with a photo

      I apologize for using English, but I do not speak German.

      I hope someone can help me with these photos with my Opa.

      It would appear on his should it says "123" so I believe he was in the 123. ID ?

      Also, in the other photo it appears as though he has a campaign shield on his arm ? He is the one on the far right. But I can not figure out which campaign shield this is. It doesn't look like any I have seen.

      Thank you! Danke !

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      Hello Scott,

      the branch-colour of your Grandpa seems to be black (collar, cap a.s.o). So he
      was "Pionier" (engineer); he seemed to be member of Pionier-Bataillon 123
      (Engineer Btn 123). Even if you are not familiar with German, look here:
      The badge on his left arm isn't a campaign shield but a function badge;
      he was an army-steersman.

      Rudolf (KINZINGER)
      Falls Euch meine Bücher interessieren:

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