Postcard from Emi Huller, Flakhelferin, Rendsburg

      Postcard from Emi Huller, Flakhelferin, Rendsburg

      Hello everybody!

      This is my first visit to your site, and the reasons is that I'm following a curious girl...( )

      I guess you all are aware of the youtube registration of the "Lost German Girl"...Footage is shot in or nearby Pilzen in may 1945, showing a beaten (German?) girl walking on the road towards a cameraman.
      Somewhere in that forum is mentioned that she and a friend fled from the Tjech partisans/inhabitans to the US troops. That mentioned friend is called Emi Huller.

      I found a postcard on the internet from this Emi Huller to her parents...Now I was trying to read and translate this message, but I can't read that handwriting, specially because it is in German...

      So I'm hoping that some of you guys could help me translate it in readable German.

      I hope someone can help me solving this problem.

      Danke Schön!